Reception (4-5 years)

Children enter reception at 4+. For some this is a natural continuation from our ELC, for others they join Baobab College for the first time; this time of transition is recognised as an important one in a child's life and staff work closely with parents to establish a strong home/school partnership for the benefit of the individual child.

The curriculum for Reception follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, adding opportunity and experience to this as appropriate to individual children. Emphasis is placed on securing firm foundations in literacy and numeracy. Computing, Music, PE and Nyanja are taught by specialist teaching staff.

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Reception (4-5 years)
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Baobab College is an 'international school for the whole community' which offers the UK Curriculum from for pre-school, primary and secondary pupils. Located on a beautiful green campus to the south of Lusaka, Baobab College provides world-class education in a first class environment. Examinations offered are Cambridge IGCSE, with A levels for senior college pupils. Examinations are taken with either Cambridge International or Pearson Edexcel. Baobab College is a member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and is a Cambridge International Fellowship Centre.
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