Great African bush scenery

When you go for a nature hike through Kafue National Park, you are freed from the many responsibilities and distractions that come with city life. You can relax, enjoying the flora and fauna of the African bush. The knowledge that there is no cell phone coverage is liberating – work can wait! You'll be able to feel the breeze on your face and appreciate it. You can listen to the bird song, the rustling of leaves, the soothing sound of streaming water, uninterrupted by car horns or blaring radios.

See the amazing wild animals of the African savannah in their natural habitat, foraging for food, hunting, at play, or just lazing about as the big cats are famous for doing. So come and walk through the wilderness. It'll remind you of where we, as people, came from. Although you'll be far from your house, you'll be closer to home than you've ever been.

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Great African bush scenery
Mawimbi Bush Camp
Mawimbi Bush Camp
Kafue National Park
Safari camp
Canoeing and fishing
Mawimbi Bush Camp is a small luxury tented camp in Western Zambia in Kafue National Park. It specialises in exciting canoeing safaris and also offers fantastic fishing and wilderness game walks for those that love to experience the African bush. At Mawimbi Bush Camp, you can also investigate the treetops and skies for a variety of birding life that are seen flying over the Kafue River.
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