Vertical multi-stage mono-block pumps

These are non-self priming, axial suction and delivery pumps available with different port connection optioms – NEMA standard round flange, NEMA standard oval flanges and flanges suitable for PJE coupling. All wetted components like impellers, diffusers and shafts are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. They are designed to deliver the best possible hydraulic efficiency. With the stage castings, impellers shaft and delivery brackets made of high grade stainless steel, these pumps can be used to pump high pressure water and hygienic to use in drinking water systems.

The pumps are equipped with 'O' rings and gaskets to prevent leakage at the intermediate casing during high pressure. The pumps also have a mechanical seal made of ceramic and carbon graphite to ensure reliability. The replacement of the mechanical seal can be done as the installed position without removing the pump from the booster unit. These pumps are reliable, easily serviceable and used in water-boosting units to get trouble free service for years together.

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Vertical multi-stage mono-block pumps
Finecop Zambia Ltd
Finecop Zambia Ltd
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Finecop Zambia was incorporated in the year 2013 as a marketing company to fulfil the demands of the Zambian pump market by providing quality products at economical prices. The company is involved in the sale’s and distribution of water pumping systems, solar pumping systems, solar electrification, power backup systems, electric motors, industrial valves, weighing scales and truck weighing systems. Products are used in various applications like irrigation, domestic use, civil construction, dewatering and all solar needs. Finecop supplies products from world renowned brands like Tormac, Genvik, V-Guard solar products, ELGi air compressors, ABB drives and panels.
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