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Works with donor-funded projects to implement effective systems

Vine Management Services will assess a company's needs and recommend training or professional assistance or a combination of these. The company also prides itself in working with donor-funded projects by implementing effective account systems.

5A/110 Musonda Ngosa Road, Northmead
+260 962 834070
Works with donor-funded projects to implement effective systems
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Vine Management Services
Vine Management Services
Financial software consultants
Business consultants
Small-scale farmers and co-operatives
This company provides specialist accounting software and consultancy services, either through its own in-house team or through the secondment of professionals. Vine Management Services is an authorised reseller of Pastel Accounting Software products. Training and assistance is provided based on the structure of the organisation and the number of users and modules. In addition, Vine Management Services assists and enables new businesses and investors to establish themselves in Zambia.
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