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Installation of silent, clean, green energy

Muhanya Solar installs silent, clean, green energy as back-up for when you don't have utility power at work or at home. The power back-up systems come in different ranges and sizes to meet every power requirement and budget. Products, including nuts, bolts and cabling, comply with relevant standards for quality and installation.

7A Paseli Road, Northmead
+260 975 998340
Installation of silent, clean, green energy
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Muhanya Solar Ltd
Muhanya Solar Ltd
Solar and Renewable
Power generation
Pumps and equipment
This company works to provide sustainable energy solutions to the public through the use of renewable energy technologies. Operational since 2005, Muhanya Solar Ltd is a fully registered Zambian company specialising in the design, supply and installation of solar power electric systems - ideal for schools and homes, for running telecommunication systems, vaccine refrigeration, solar water pumping systems, standby power systems and domestic solar hot water systems.
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