High quality insecticides

Crop Care Solutions offers high quality insecticide to control different insects damaging the crops. These are substances used to kill insects. Broad spectrum and specific insecticides are sold and some include proactive (acetamiprid), Hitcel (profenophos+ cypermethrin), Cypercel (cypermethrin), fastac (alpha cypermethrin), starchlor ( Dichlorovos), imidacel super (imidacloprid), warrant power (gamma cyalothrin+ imidacloprid) and regent.

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High quality insecticides
Care Crop Solution Zambia Ltd
Care Crop Solution Zambia Ltd
Agricultural consultants
An agro chemical company that offers safe crop protection products and agro-inputs to commercial and domestic farmers. Care Crop Solution also provides expert agricultural related consultancy services to individual farmers, companies and organisations. With branches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, this company is an authorised distributor of BASF, Syngenta, FMC, Cheminova, Dow Agro Science, Excel Crop care from India and Sumitomo among others.
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