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Strategies that deliver quick turnaround sales

JP-Tech Solutions ensures that its clients' marketing investment works for them to achieve their goals in the most cost-effective approach. JP-Tech Solutions has a goal to create robust relationships between companies and their clients in order to create quick turnaround sales for them.

Block A, 10428 Manchichi Road
+260 953 363826
Strategies that deliver quick turnaround sales
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JP-Tech Solutions Ltd
JP-Tech Solutions Ltd
Pastel support
Computer network maintenance & installation
JP-Tech Solutions offers a complete range of services including accounting software support and licensing (Pastel), advertising, network maintenance and IT support. The company also supplies high quality, original and state of the art computer hardware as well as accessories. They aim to provide services that exceed the expectations of its clients in every sense of the word. JP-Tech Solutions brings a dedicated highly motivated team with lots of experience.
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