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Broad range of building services

Groutex Company offers a broad range of building services from routine repair and maintenance through to complete new build. Groutex deal extensively with commercial organisations including rapid response day to day maintenance, refurbishment works, building extensions, and construction of new premises. Groutex Company undertakes projects from a wide range of sectors, encompassing residential, commercial and industrial.

10426 Manda Hill Road
+260 961 222266, +260 960 995995
Broad range of building services
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Groutex Company Ltd
Groutex Company Ltd
Building contractors
Site engineering
Building project management
Interior specialists
Established in 2010, Groutex Company is a full service construction company that offers, project management, design and build works with a strong personal commitment on each project. The company also provides quality interior and exterior design services for residential and commercial projects. Groutex ‘s professional staff are fully trained to manage all of the facets of any project, applying the techniques that afford project owners better control, and assuring them of quality projects that come in on time and on budget.
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