An innovative design team and highly skilled craftsmen

Over the years, Shaan Engineering has built a reputation for its innovative design team, highly skilled craftsmen and quality products. This company provides a full line of machining and fabricating services. The company works with all types of metal to fabricate or repair various parts and equipment. With vast experience in the industry, Shaan Engineering manufactures only the highest quality and most advanced machined and fabricated parts.

13951 Lumumba Road
+260 971 875005 , +260 956 273492
An innovative design team and highly skilled craftsmen
Shaan Engineering Ltd
Shaan Engineering Ltd
Engineering services
Metal fabrication and parts
Commercial vehicle maintenance
With a highly skilled team, fully equipped workshop and up-to-date equipment, Shaan Engineering offers a complete range of engineering, metal fabrication and commercial vehicle maintenance services. The company designs, manufactures and repairs a wide selection of high-performing parts and equipment. Shaan Engineering works closely with every client, developing solutions that meet their specific requirements.
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