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Guides clients through flawless and timely execution of projects

Leseding Interiors focuses on developing interior and exterior design experiences that are unique, compelling and of outstanding quality. The company understands each project it starts has specific needs, budgets and a level of quality with the work involved. For this reason, Leseding Interiors starts with a bespoke concept that directly relates to the needs of its clients and their individual style.

1633 Malambo Road
+260 976 270384
Guides clients through flawless and timely execution of projects
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Leseding Interiors (Pty) Ltd
Leseding Interiors (Pty) Ltd
Interiors and Design services
Aluminium windows and doors
Property improvement
With a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in fabrication engineering, glazing, carpentry and joinery, Leseding Interiors provides interior and exterior design services to a high standard. The company is committed to offering a combination of quality, value, efficiency and service. Leseding Interiors involves its clients at each stage, discussing their ideas and consulting with them closely throughout the project.
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