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Safes have an automatic re-lock system in case of forced entry

Because of the sensitive nature of its products, Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd has set up and implemented a recruitment policy with security in mind. The company also has a strict lock and key handling policy which helps prevent duplication of keys. Locks are delivered at factory settings and clients are advised to change lock combination once in their possession.

07/32 Mumbwa Road, Lusaka
+260 967 642319, +260 973 780716
Safes have an automatic re-lock system in case of forced entry
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Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd
Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd
Security equipment
Security systems
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Incorporated in 2014, Vaulsafes manufactures banking and security related products such as high quality safes, strong room doors and fireproof cabinets. It is committed to providing its clients with the best service, product satisfaction and peace of mind. This company works tirelessly to meet each client's requirements and is backed with fully qualified service technicians and locksmiths, guaranteeing a 100% full back-up on all products. Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd believes in safety without compromise.
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