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Clinic has developed skill-based training modules

The clinic is able to identify the importance of maintaining a profitable business whilst striving to improve the environment in which the business operates to ensure true sustainability.

Wellfind Vet Clinic (WVC) is committed to offering hands-on experience providing on-site specialised agricultural consulting services in livestock production. The clinic has developed skill-based training modules which can be used for workers and farmers.

10106 Mumbwa Road, Heavy Industrial Area
+260 966 855120, +260 977 715333
Clinic has developed skill-based training modules
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Wellfind Vet Clinic
Wellfind Vet Clinic
Farm animal vet services
Pets and Pet care
Livestock production consultancy and training
For a full range of veterinary services including animal medicine and surgery, house calls, farm visitations as well as consultancy and training. Since inception in 2005, Wellfind Vet Clinic (WVC) has attracted diverse clientele in veterinary products and services to complement and supplement government efforts premised on their core values. WVC draws on expertise and competencies of multidisciplinary professionals in the field of veterinary. You are rest assured of ethical and professional service health delivery.
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