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Approved Jaguar and Land Rover service center

With a state of the art workshop and skilled technicians, Alliance Motors is an approved Jaguar and Land Rover service center offering a comprehensive car maintenance service. Their services include computer diagnostics, engine repair, brake system overhaul and wheel alignment.

38717 Great East Road, Chainama
+260 971 245459, +260 971 245463
Approved Jaguar and Land Rover service center
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Alliance Motors Ltd
Alliance Motors Ltd
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Alliance Motors is the official distributor of premium Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and parts in Zambia. The company ensures that it offers outstanding vehicles and provides a positive customer experience. To keep your vehicle in tip top condition, Alliance Motors offers an excellent car maintenance service. Without a doubt, Jaguar and Land Rover continue to be brands that deliver some of the best quality vehicles available on the world market. Alliance Motors is a division of TATA Zambia Ltd.
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