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Professional corporate training management services

Reeds Advisory Services provides various training needs to corporate clients in the following areas:

  • Management accounting and internal controls
  • Cash management and budgetary control
  • Business proposals and project management
  • Stores management and purchasing methods
  • General office and record management
  • Capacity building
9013 Parliament Road, Olympia Park
+260 211 291409, +260 211 291474
Professional corporate training management services
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Reeds Advisory Services Ltd
Reeds Advisory Services Ltd
Corporate and Business Advisory
Company secretarial services
Corporate training management
Reeds Advisory Services is a leader in providing corporate and business advisory, secretarial, as well as corporate training management services to ambitious and growing companies. Their main client base ranges from growth-focused entrepreneurial businesses to leading multinational organizations across many sectors and operating nationally and across borders. Members understand the local culture and traditions and are experts in national rules and regulations.
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