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Solar-powered water pumps - Ideal where grid electricity is unavailable

A solar-powered pump is a pump that runs on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels (solar panels), as opposed to grid electricity or diesel. Solar powered water pumps deliver drinking water, bathing water, and water for livestock and irrigation purposes.

The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical mainly due to the lower operation and maintenance costs; and it has less environmental load than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine. A photo voltaic solar powered pump system has three parts:

  • Solar panels
  • The controller
  • The pump
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Solar-powered water pumps - Ideal where grid electricity is unavailable
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Muhanya Solar Ltd
Muhanya Solar Ltd
Solar and Renewable
Power generation
Pumps and equipment
This company works to provide sustainable energy solutions to the public through the use of renewable energy technologies. Operational since 2005, Muhanya Solar Ltd is a fully registered Zambian company specialising in the design, supply and installation of solar power electric systems - ideal for schools and homes, for running telecommunication systems, vaccine refrigeration, solar water pumping systems, standby power systems and domestic solar hot water systems.
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