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Cotton and acid proof dust coats available

These come in either cotton or acid proof. The acid proof dust coat, known as a laboratory coat, is normally used in the medical field as protection against chemicals. Features include three convenient pockets and a pen holder. The laboratory coat comes in white acid proof fabric. Dust coats are available in royal blue, emerald green, navy blue, white, red, khaki, dark green and grey.

798 Freedom Way
+260 211 222142
Cotton and acid proof dust coats available
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City Clothing Factory Ltd
City Clothing Factory Ltd
Specialist clothing
Printing and Stationery
City Clothing Factory has been operational since 1962, specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality school uniforms, school jerseys, ties and socks, for government and private schools in the country. It also manufactures protective clothing for industrial use and offers an exclusive range of tailor-made clothing for professionals. City Clothing has a fully stocked bookshop conveniently located along Freedom Way, within Lusaka's central business district.
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