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Recruitment and training of personnel

Many key personnel in Magnum Security are experienced in policing procedures, having trained and served in the Zambia Police Service. The Group Operations Manager and the Operations Manager both held high positions in the Zambia Police Service for many years. Senior personnel are supplied with licensed firearms to be utilised during the course of their duties for the company.

Magnum Security currently has a workforce of over 2,000 and the minimum educational qualifications for security staff is Grade 9. Candidates are finger printed and subsequently screened through the Criminal Records Office of the Zambia Police Service. Recruits also present reference letters, which are thoroughly verified for authenticity. Successful candidates are then enrolled in the Magnum training school, which equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties efficiently.

11/12 Bwinjimfumu Road
+260 211 231076, +260 211 231822, +260 954 409276
Recruitment and training of personnel
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Magnum Security
Magnum Security
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A company that provides guard services and a rapid response security service, Magnum Security also has electronic security systems and a vehicle tracking service. They are able to monitor business or residential premises either by VHF radio signal input, telephone line data or video images, and to react accordingly as soon as premises are tampered with. For fast and efficient security responses, Magnum has rapid response vehicles parked at strategic locations around each city in which they operate.
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