Self and assisted purchasing

To help them minimise any possible problems, Online Express asks that you register as a customer first. Using your very own, unique customer number, will help them identify who the parcels are for and where they are to be sent. Upon registration you will receive an email with your customer number and examples of how your parcels should be addressed when they are sent to them.

4093 Chipushi Road, Off Chila Road, Sunningdale
+260 211 257009
Self and assisted purchasing
Online Express
Online Express
Postal and Courier
Established in 2016, Online Express has been helping people, through a partnership with iShop Worldwide, to shop at leading and well renowned retailers in the UK, USA, India and South Africa. You can also use their related postal and courier service for other goods. The company is committed to improving and developing their service, making it easier and a more pleasurable experience for you to send goods from overseas. Once your parcel is in Zambia and has undergone customs clearance, you can pick up your goods from your chosen Online Express pickup point.
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