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Milk bread, family bread, brown bread and rolls

Atlantic Bakery produces a portfolio of premium quality fresh bread and rolls made from simple and wholesome ingredients. The company uses an overnight fermentation giving their bread time to develop in texture, flavour and nutrition. It is Atlantic Bakery’s goal to ensure that their domestic and commercial clients are offered the best quality bread and rolls at all times.

B5-1H Lumumba Road, Emmasdale
+260 211 240228, +260 973 082630
Milk bread, family bread, brown bread and rolls
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Atlantic Bakery
Bread production
With state of the art equipment, Atlantic Bakery is one of the leading companies that produces the best quality bread and rolls in Zambia. These products are baked in a sanitary and conducive environment and delivered fresh city wide. Their signature blue and white branded delivery trucks are a common feature on the streets of Lusaka and drivers are always friendly. Atlantic Bakery employs strict quality control measures at every stage of production, their products are baked and sold the day they are made.
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