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PABX and PBX systems

Network Hardware Suppliers provides PABX and PBX automatic telephone switching systems. The company has a team of experts specialised in the installation of ICT equipment. Other products include:

  • Digital receivers
  • Phone system
  • Phone outlets
  • Phone patch panels
28 Chachacha Road
+260 979 314227, +260 966 535681, +260 955 914433
PABX and PBX systems
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Network Hardware Suppliers Ltd
Network Hardware Suppliers Ltd
Networking and Security
Computers and Accessories
Network Hardware Suppliers was established in 2013 to deliver ICT products specifically for network systems - computers and accessories, printers, photocopying machines, PBX and PABX, projectors, screens and access control systems. Other products include electrical materials, generators, air conditioning units and two way radios. The company has a team of qualified technical staff who provide after sales support and installations. This company focuses on supplying and delivering quality products.
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