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Pumps for commercial and personal use

For any water pumping needs — from commercial to personal home use — PowerBack Energy Solutions has the trusted solution. The company is known throughout the solar pumping industry for offering some of the most economical, reliable and user-friendly solar submersible water pump systems on the market.

396/67 Makeni Road, Makeni
+260 969 682848, +260 955 283040
Pumps for commercial and personal use
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PowerBack Energy Solutions
PowerBack Energy Solutions
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Solar water pumps
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Established in 2015, PowerBack Energy Solutions is one of the leading importers and re-sellers of solar modules, energy saving products and solar energy products. The knowledgeable team are dedicated to providing an outstanding, personalised service to its customers and community. This company educates its clients on the importance of using sine-wave backup power products. With PowerBack Energy Solutions, power will be back before it goes!
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