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Property valuation services

Their advanced database and state of the art technology enable to complete reliable valuations with prompt turnaround in many sectors of the economy including manufacturing, farms, mining, energy, tourism, telecommunication and transport.

Fairworld Properties carries out property valuations in Zambia. Their valuers in Zambia cover all the provinces of the country. These include;

  • Speciality groups for hotels, resorts, golf courses and long term care facilities
  • Single asset valuations for land and buildings, plant and machinery and chattels
  • Market analysis
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Highest and best use studies
  • Appreciation reviews
  • Lease and cost analysis
  • Arbitration and consultation
  • Compensation for involuntary resettlement
  • Expert witness valuations for court litigation
Stand No. 1050 Makanta Close, Rhodes Park, Lusaka
+260 211 840225
Property valuation services
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Fairworld Properties Ltd
Fairworld Properties Ltd
Commercial property
Residential property
Agricultural and industrial property
Fairworld Properties is a property consultancy that specialises in corporate leasing, tenant representation, residential, commercial and agriculture brokerage, investment planning and valuation of properties and goods. The company provides investors with maximum flexibility by offering debt and equity solutions in addition to its core product. If you are intending to acquire a house, land or any other property, Fairworld is ready to help and carefully take you through the process.
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