Provides employment opportunities during construction

Tomorrow Investments Ltd focuses on infrastructure development involving the construction of road networks to connect the country, building works as well as water and sanitation provision across the country. They are proven and equal to the challenges and vagaries of this tough terrain, driven by the ambition to improve the socio-economic conditions of Zambia's most disadvantaged rural populations.

3 Lukusuzi Road
+260 211 294900
Provides employment opportunities during construction
Tomorrow Investments Ltd
Tomorrow Investments Ltd
Road and Civil works
Building contractors
Building project management
Tomorrow Investments Ltd is a Zambian company specialised in general building and civil engineering works and incorporated in 1989. Their services span all areas of the construction industry and the entire construction value chain. Tomorrow Investment bring together human resource, materials and machinery at the right place and at the right time, in order to realise construction projects, however complex they may be. They do this on schedule, to the highest quality and at the best price. Tomorrow investments Ltd helps to improve people’s lives by deploying engineering solutions to meet urgent national needs across Zambia’s transportation, water and sanitation infrastructures.
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