Teaching strategies are varied to suit each particular need

As children progress from nursery to reception and subsequent years through Key Stage 1, emphasis is placed on the further acquisition of skills and understanding in literacy and numeracy. Learning is made meaningful, and hands-on activities extend classroom activities. Attractive classrooms with colourful displays of student work, and several work areas, ensure a full and balanced curriculum is delivered. Sand play, water play, a shop, a home-corner, a puppet theatre, a dressing up rack and themed offices provide ample opportunities for role play linked to the learning intentions of the class.

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Teaching strategies are varied to suit each particular need
British International Primary School (BIPS)
British International Primary School (BIPS)
Primary school
The pre-school at British International Primary School caters for children aged between 2 and 7. It follows the early years foundation stage, and key stage one of the English National Curriculum. Primary caters for children aged between 7 and 11, providing a quality education at an affordable cost, to local and expatriate children. The development of children is supported by caring classroom teachers and their full-time teaching assistants. Children may progress from pre-school into primary school.
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