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Residential & commercial carports

Protect your most valuable assets with Shade Control's wide range of cantilevered carports available in all sizes to suit your requirements. This company stands apart from their competitors in that they use the highest gauge and thickest tubular steel sections from their under structure. The shade cloth hoods are made from mono filament UV stablised shade cloth stitched with UV stablised twine with an 8 year warranty against UV degradation. Shade Control offers you a wide range of colours to choose from.

1662 Panganani Road
+260 211 238675, +260 211 221218, +260 966 747 964
Residential & commercial carports
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Shade Control Specialists Ltd
Shade Control Specialists Ltd
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Shade Control Specialists began in 1968 with the manufacture of venetian blinds, quickly expanding into curtain and cubicle rail systems. This company now offers a comprehensive range of property improvement services across all provinces in Zambia. They also supply and fit flooring for homes, offices and sports facilities such as squash courts, tennis courts and basketball courts. Their professional team offers comprehensive property improvement and refurbishment services.
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