Protects wildlife and the natural resources of the Lower Zambezi

In the 1990’s, increased poaching became a significant threat to the wildlife in the Lower Zambezi. This prompted concerned local safari operators and other stakeholders to recognise the need for organised support for ZAWA wildlife protection operations in the Lower Zambezi area. CLZ was formed in 1994 to assist ZAWA (then known as National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (NPWS)) and the community with conservation efforts.

In the fight for the protection of Lower Zambezi’s wildlife, CLZ works closely with DNPW, providing financial, logistical and technological support to ensure operations are fully equipped and ensure the Wildlife Police Officers (WPOs) have everything they need to stand strong against wildlife crime. The Wildlife Protecton Programme has a number of projects that all work towards the goal of protection:

Chongwe Road, Lusaka Province, Lower Zambezi National Park
Protects wildlife and the natural resources of the Lower Zambezi
Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)
Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)
Lower Zambezi National Park
Wildlife Protection
Environmental Education
Community support
Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a non-profit organisation committed to the protection of wildlife and to the sustainable use of natural resources in the Lower Zambezi. CLZ is centered around 3 main pillars of support - Wildlife Protection; Environmental Education, teaching children on the importance of their natural environment; and Community Support, helping communities as they grow, and encouraging them to develop sustainably.
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