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Visit Vistazam, for quality Godrej locks and padlocks

Master keying ability

Provided the locks are of the same technology level, Godrej locks use a technology that allows users to have a single key for a maximum set of locks used.

Lock body strength

When an intruder is not able to pick a lock, they usually use force to break or damage the lock in order to gain entry. A good, sturdy lock will always prevent forced entry. All Godrej locks undergo thorough and rigorous life cycle tests, as well as load-bearing tests to prove their strength.

Difficult to open without the key

Locks cannot be opened using any foreign material.

Difficult to duplicate

Duplicate keys cannot be made without the original key.

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Visit Vistazam, for quality Godrej locks and padlocks
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VistaZam Ltd
VistaZam Ltd
Work place consumables
Industrial chemicals and gases
Building materials
Vistazam supplies different types of paper, paper products and print consumables. The company handles wholesale distribution of the industrial chemicals used in paint manufacturing, the production of domestic and industrial cleaning products and several types of adhesives. Vistazam has diversified its range by also offering world class locks and padlocks from the established Godrej brand. Its latest initiative, Build Smart Ventures, supplies a variety of products to the building trade.