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VIP security escort service available

If you need to transport a high value item or person, then look no further than Pre-Secure armed escort. By conducting preliminary threat assessments and ensuring close ties with law enforcement, Pre-Secure are able to offer a comprehensive escort service!

For more information contact Pre-secure today.

7333/4 Kalambalala Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Lusaka
+260 211 288887, +260 965 286093
VIP security escort service available
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Pre-Secure Ltd
Pre-Secure Ltd
Security services
Alarms and response
Pre-Secure is redefining the industry standard in Zambia. Since their founding in 1972, they have established themselves as a leading player in the Zambian security industry. Customer service is at the core of the company and they follow their own strict ethical business code. Their years of experience, combined with their forward thinking approach, means they pay great attention to the welfare of their staff and strongly believe this is reflected in the high quality standard they deliver to their clients.
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