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InovarWood flooring

This product is used extensively worldwide, and was the first wood laminate flooring in Asia to be given the highly prized Japanese Standard JIS F 4 Star Award. In addition, the Singapore Environmental Council has recognised it as a green (eco-friendly) product.

Benefits of choosing Inovar wood floors:

1. Superior water resistant quality - The CoreGuard material used makes it the most water resistance laminate flooring you can find on the market. The Inovar factory has been recognised as the world's largest exporter of superior water resistant laminate flooring. The core of Inovar wood flooring is made of CoreGuard hardwood fibre board (HDF), a highly water resistant material.

2. More durable and impact resistance - Inovar timberlines are manufactured from CoreGuard materials- making them strong, durable and long lasting.

3. Solid product warranty -The Inovar floor has long been regarded as the market leader in laminate flooring and thus the company offers you a solid product warranty against staining fading and surface wear.

4. Extensively-used in many projects worldwide - Inovar flooring has been well – received by reputable developers and builders around the world. This is proof of a global quality standard that will give you peace of mind.

5. Commitment in R & D - Inovar invests heavily in R&D with a fully equipped R&D lab for quality testing as well as researching into new products. Inovar uses state of art German machinery and technology to produce a range of superior water resistant laminate flooring that is also distributed worldwide.

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InovarWood flooring
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Ocean Ventures Ltd
Ocean Ventures Ltd
Flooring solutions
Timber and Panelling
Ocean Ventures distributes a wide range of high quality and durable flooring products. The company has partnered with industry leaders such as Inovar, EcoWood and Van Dyck flooring, to make available flooring products ideal for commercial, residential, medical and sports facilities. The company also supplies quality timber and panelling for both domestic and industrial building applications. Ocean Ventures has an experienced team to advise customers and cut products to their specifications.