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Local Area Network solutions (LAN)

LAN is a communications network that connects various hardware devices together within a building, using a continuous cable, or an in-house voice-data telephone system. It enables individual computer users to share data or files from a central computer known as a server. Laser printers and other peripheral equipment can be connected to a LAN for common use.

Centre Networks Zambia installs structured cable system using UTP (cat 5e and cat 6) and fibre optic cables. It also installs and configures all types of PABXs (voice systems), including VOIP solutions.

Lotti House, Room 711 Cairo Road
+260 211 230757, +260 211 230758, +260 955 914433
Local Area Network solutions (LAN)
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Centre Networks Zambia Ltd
Centre Networks Zambia Ltd
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Since its doors opened in 2007, Centre Networks Zambia has been growing its operations, specialising in providing efficient digital networking packages. This company offers equipment and supplies for Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Centralised Fibre Optic Networks, high speed networking, CCTV solutions (surveillance cameras), air conditioning, computer solutions and general supplies. Centre Networks Zambia also provides an after sale service for the products it supplies.
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