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Advocating new ways for people to travel

Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd is committed to providing the best service for Higer customers. The company serves customers not only within Zambia but also from other Southern African countries. Higer is commuted to low carbon life, which refers to a modern person's attitude towards life: low-carbon travel, insist on taking public transportation, paying attention to environmental protection, and advocating environmental protection.

9477 Kafue Road, Makeni
+260 211 273738
Advocating new ways for people to travel
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Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd
Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd
Higer bus and pick-up sales
Higer bus and pick-up parts
Truck and Bus maintenance
With a mission to bring the latest and most advanced bus technology to Zambia for the benefit of the Zambian people, Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd supplies quality brand Higer buses and pick-ups. The company has a fully stocked spare parts warehouse which guarantees the prompt and efficient servicing of Higer buses. Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd is the leading supplier of Higer buses in the country and a significant contributor to the local transport system.
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