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7 advantages of the Konse Konse machine over scratch cards

  • Merchants do not have to order specific denominations. One block amount covers all service providers and denominations. Merchants can auto load stock via the Cash Out option.
  • The Konse Konse machine has options to vend a wide range of vouchers from prepaid airtime and prepaid TV, to prepaid electricity, prepaid internet and other bill payments.
  • With the Konse Konse machine, airtime can be sent directly to the receiving phone without having to enter a pin
  • There is no need to keep track of specific stock denominations and order specific denominations. With the Konse Konse machine, one block amount covers all denominations.
  • Merchants are able to sell any denomination as long as there is enough credit in the 543 account.
  • Stock can be loaded within minutes as compared to someone physically delivering scratch cards.
  • The 543 Konse Konse machine gives more structure for the business owner.
35214 Alick Nkhata Road, Kalingalinga
+260 972 389689
7 advantages of the Konse Konse machine over scratch cards
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543 Konse Konse
543 Konse Konse
Cash out, Buy airtime and Pay bills
543 Konse Konse merchant opportunity
543 Konse Konse, a product of cGrate Zambia, enables individuals and businesses to sell airtime and settle bills electronically. Using the 543 Konse Konse system, merchants, customers and dealers purchase electronic vouchers through a wide range of distribution channels. The company has partnered with major service providers including Airtel, MTN, Zamtel, Vodafone, Madison Life, Zesco, Investrust Bank, Indo Zambia Bank, Stanbic Bank Zambia, DStv, GOtv and Topstar.
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