Less fuel consumption and good mileage

Pilson Motors provides high quality products with outstanding warranty coverage responsibly and effectively. The company has a range of high quality motorcycles including on road bikes, on/off road bikes (dual purpose), cruising bikes and gearless mopeds. They also stock quality spares and accessories, helmets and safety gear.

8480 Lumumba Road
+260 954 859689, +260 950 507950
Less fuel consumption and good mileage
Pilson Motors Ltd
Pilson Motors Ltd
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Pilson Motors are sole distributors of UM Global of USA, a world leader in the motorcycle industry. The company stocks a wide range of brand new motorcycles including sports, scooters, and cruiser bikes. They distribute high quality affordable bikes of good design, that are a combination of function and technology. The company offers their customers consistent support and after-sales service on all their products with a team of qualified and experienced mechanics.
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