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First payday loan free to all new customers's loan schemes are flexible, designed to enable you to borrow anywhere from K200 to K30000, with payback periods from 7 days to 36 months. If your loan application is approved, you have the following options to receive the money:

The money can be credited into your registered bank account

Or you can simply go to their branch, present your ID, and withdraw the cash

Suite 2A Great East Road, Arcades
First payday loan free to all new customers
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Micro finance
A micro-finance institution that offers fast and friendly loan services to individuals and businesses in the most convenient way. It uses channels such as mobile and online applications as well as through their branch network. guarantees the quickest and fastest processing time to give you the ease and convenience you need. As a new customer, you will get your first loan for free. Borrow ZMW3,000 and pay back ZMW3,000 on your next payday. At your request, you can roll over or extend your loan.