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Standard roof Trusses now available in stock

Simply collect, go home and install. Installations is simple and fast! same as Timber. No more messing around with Timber, treating with harmful chemicals, and getting a substandard product. 100% accuracy, long lasting high strength galvanised steel. Lasts for 50 years or more.

Standard roof Trusses include:

  • 3m at ZMW564
  • 4m at ZMW757
  • 5m at ZMW938
  • 6m at ZMW1,131
  • 7m at ZMW1,370
  • 8m at ZMW1,608
  • 9m at ZMW1,892

Free delivery within Lusaka for 10 Trusses or more. Vat inclusive.

7438 Katanga Road, Light Industrial Area, Lusaka
+260 211 287684, +260 211 287809, +260 965 056066
Standard roof Trusses now available in stock
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Zambezi Roofing and Steel
Zambezi Roofing and Steel
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Since 2006, Zambezi Roofing and Steel has been supplying quality steel and allied products in bulk, wholesale and retail as well as becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of LSF – Light Steel Frames®™, Ndjovu Door Frames®™, Palisade Fencing, ZEE Thru Transparent Security®™, Zambezi Tiger Spike®™ and the highest quality Chromadek Roofing Sheets. The company can cater for projects that require duty or VAT free imports of raw materials.
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