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Replace your broken eyeglass lense

Finding the right lens is an important choice that is critical to everyday comfort and functionality. Tokyo Optician's eyeglass lenses are lightweight, durable and offer many features, such as photochromic and polycarbonate element that enhance eyesight. Select from a large assortment of name brands, prescription and sunglass lenses.

112 Cairo Road, Central Business District
+260 211 236710, +260 211 222063
Replace your broken eyeglass lense
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Tokyo Optician
Tokyo Optician
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Established in 1999, Tokyo Optician is a fully registered optician company offering specialised eye diagnosis services and optical products, meeting the eye care needs of Zambian citizens across the country. It provides a range of designer and budget contact lenses, frames, sunglasses and eyewear accessories. Tokyo Optician is certified by the Medical Council of Zambia and recognised by all relevant authorities. Qualified staff ensure each client's eyesight is tested accurately and professionally prescribed.
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