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Secure premises with reserved customer parking

Link Bureau de Change has convenient branches with plenty of secure parking for customers. The Kamwala Branch provides convenience to cross border traders to exchange their currencies within proximity to the wholesale market. The town branch is located at the corner of Kalambo Road and Freedomway, just as you drive along Honda Zambia.

1596 Karachi Street, Kamwala
+260 211 231078, +260 977 786501
Secure premises with reserved customer parking
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Link Bureau de Change
Bureaux de change
This is an efficient and competitive currency exchange company that offers customers privacy, security and safe parking. With competitive rates, Link Bureau de Change provides leading currencies for money exchange including dollars, pound sterling, rand and kwacha. This company ensures the availability of both local and foreign currencies anytime you are in need. Link Bureau de Change's vision is to provide efficient and competitive forex solutions to their customers. Friendly staff at Link Bureau de Change ensure customers are satisfied with their reliable and efficient services.
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