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Learning through play and community involvement

Noah's Ark School is proud to teach nursery and primary school children through experiences that encourage learning through play and community involvement. They follow the UK based Early Years Foundation Stage.

Play is an important part of learning. The children are encouraged to take part in messy play as they explore and learn about their senses and the world around them. For example, the picture illustrates an egg bomb painting session in the Noah's Ark nursery class.

Noah's Ark School regularly gets the children involved in the community. For example, in October 2018 Grade 3 and 4's took a trip to Mother Theresa's Orphanage, hospice and school for the disadvantaged where they met the children and delivered donations which they had organised. Noah's Ark School believes that community involvement and school trips teaches the children how they fit in to society and encourages confidence and independence.

Noah's Ark School is proud to be a homely multicultural learning environment, rich in culture and opportunities to learn from each other.

To find out more about the school and if it's the right learning environment for you child then contact the school today.

Plot 396a/44/1c Makeni Road, Makeni, Lusaka
+260 964 549411
Learning through play and community involvement
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Noah's Ark School
Noah's Ark School
Primary school
This primary and pre school sees itself as a vibrant community made up of dedicated staff, parents and pupils. Noah's Ark School follows the Foundation Stage guidelines first developed in the UK. With highly experienced teachers and a low pupil-to-teacher ratio, each child's individual needs can be met. The school has an active school council that ensures rules and regulations are followed. Noah's Ark School encourages pupils, teachers and parents to co-operate and show kindness and respect.
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