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New science laboratories

Pestalozzi education centre primary and secondary school has new science labs, one each for physics, biology and chemistry, with up to date equipment. Pestalozzi develops high intellectual attainment for your kids.

Twin Palms Road, Ibex Hill
+260 966 412027 , +260 950 530032
New science laboratories
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Pestalozzi Education Centre Primary and Secondary School
Pestalozzi Education Centre is a primary and secondary school that provides outstanding education in an environment which enables every child to make full use of his or her intellectual and creative abilities. Pestalozzi Education Centre, promotes practical skills as well as high academic attainment and is also an examination centre for the Examination Council of Zambia grade 7, 9 and 12. It takes a limited number of scholars from impoverished communities, creating a rich and diverse community.
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