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Provides market access to small scale farmers in rural areas

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) was established to ensure a reliable supply and meet local shortfalls in the supply of designated agricultural commodities. This agency also addresses issues affecting the food reserve and the stabilisation of prices. FRA's goal is to complete the value chain by providing market access to small scale farmers in rural areas.

The main functions of the Food Reserve Agency is to administer strategic food reserves, engage in market facilitation as well as develop and manage national storage facilities. According to the Food Reserve Act, the FRA was established as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, capable of suing and of being sued in its corporate name. FRA has power to do all such acts and things as a body corporate may by law do or perform.

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Provides market access to small scale farmers in rural areas
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Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
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In 1995, the Zambian government helped set up a national market-oriented economic system. Specifically this led to the liberalisation of the marketing and storage of agricultural produce, with the government reducing its participation. However the government’s involvement in the agricultural sector still includes the maintenance of food security reserves, run by the Food Reserve Agency. FRA also provides market support, and the provision of relevant market information and agricultural credit facilities to small-scale farmers.
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