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Kundji vikuti

Kundji Natural Spa love these vikutis because they are a protective style that doesn't stress your hair strands but yet still stylish. They can be worn after a treatment while you are still deciding which hairstyle to do.

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17 Msuzi Road, Woodlands, Lusaka
+260 973 442599
Kundji vikuti
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Kundji Natural Spa
Kundji Natural Spa
Natural hair and beauty
Beauty, skincare and cosmetics
A natural health spa which aims at providing a holistic approach to wellness. Kundji Natural Spa offers a variety of healthy services for the mind, soul and body. Their services include therapeutic massages for wellness, facials, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures and hair therapies. Kundji pride themselves in using herbal and natural products for hair and spa treatments. They believe that natural skin and hair care is the best because it's less harmful and provides 100% organic nutrients needed to promote gorgeous appearance of the skin and hair.
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