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Solar accessories from Flexopower

Flexopower portable and foldable solar panels are perfect for bringing along to power up your camping trips. They can hook up to National Luna battery packs or the batteries in your car. They also offer fixed solar panels with deep cycle batteries that recover to full rated capacity over and over again.

Leopards Hill Road
+260 975 869007
Solar accessories from Flexopower
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Mudpackers Zambia
Mudpackers Zambia
Camping and Outdoor equipment
4x4 off road centre
4x4 rental service
Mudpackers Zambia will guide you through the process of selecting what you need for whatever journey you are taking. Their off road vehicle equipment and accessories are sourced from top manufacturers, giving you products that will withstand the most challenging terrain. All 4x4 vehicles available for rental are ruggedised specially for the terrain in which they get used. Mudpackers provides everything you need to gear up your car and set up your camp.
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