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Finest diesel injection component testing, repairing and overhauling

Fabulous Engineering's diagnostic and testing equipment regularly undergoes stringent certification to ensure a precise calibration of all pumps that the company tests. This company assures its customers of rebuilt pumps and injectors that are as good as new at a competitive rate.

Fabulous Engineering offers complete commercial vehicle maintenance services, repairing various vehicle parts including truck axles, wheel drums, hubs and discs, all types of diesel injector pumps and injector nozzles. Fabulous Engineering has the capacity to repair the most modern diesel fuel injection equipment.

7204 Kachidza Road
+260 979 698382, +260 969 064419
Finest diesel injection component testing, repairing and overhauling
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Fabulous Engineering Ltd
Fabulous Engineering Ltd
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As one of Zambia's largest and most advanced modern precision engineering companies, Fabulous Engineering offers engineering solutions, metal fabrication, plant installation, as well as commercial vehicle and mining machinery maintenance of any scale. The company is committed to delivering a highly professional and comprehensive service to its customers, ensuring complete satisfaction. This company promises to deliver world class solutions that exceed its customers' expectations.
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