Video: 4 lionesses take on a heard of bufallo

Click the link below to watch four lioness take on a heard of buffalo. Guests Vaughn & and Liz Squire were on a game drive at Royal Zambezi Lodge when this incredible show of nature happened.

Female lions are the primary hunters of the group. Fanning out, they form a semicircle, with the smaller, weaker lionesses herding the prey towards the center. Then the stronger females knock the animal down and make the kill.

Get experiences like this and amazing facts from knowledgeable and friendly guides when you stay at the award winning Royal Zambezi Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park.

Video: 4 lionesses take on a heard of bufallo
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Royal Zambezi Lodge
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Royal Zambezi Lodge is an award winning luxury safari lodge on the Zambezi River in Zambia. This is Zambian safari accommodation at its best, where you can drink in the unforgettable Zambezi sunrise and be lulled to sleep with memorable bush sounds. The lodge offers walking, driving and river safaris and is just 5 minutes from the Lower Zambezi National Park. Fly to the lodge from Lusaka or Livingstone using their airline, Royal Air Charters.
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