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Repair and servicing of locking mechanism including time locks

Response and turnaround time is unparalled. The team at Zamsafes is a division that has been set up to specifically attend to you 7 days a week, they will never be too busy.

Zamsafes will keep you updated as they attend to your emergencies. They will not leave you wondering.

12159 off Mumbwa Road, Chinika Area
+260 211 847817, +260 211 847816, +260 967 695070, +260 953 488175 +260 978 870875
Repair and servicing of locking mechanism including time locks
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Zamsafes and Alarms
Zamsafes and Alarms
Security equipment
Security safes
Zamsafes and Alarms is Zambia’s pioneer in the provision of tried and tested banking as well as tailor made security solutions. They pride themselves in the ability to match international quality standards in all products and services supplied. Incorporated in 2010, this company now commands over 85% of the Zambian market in the supply and installation of vault doors, strong room doors, cash teller canisters, money and document explosive resistant safes, cash-in-transit boxes, fireproof cabinets, ATM tamper-proof doors as well as custom made security products.
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