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Breakfast and Roller Meal are packed in 5,10, 25kg bags

Breakfast and roller meal are packed in various sizes to suit customer's preference. Emphasis is drawn on the quality of packaging materials. Jamas Milling Company products are always delivered and made available in durable bags that protect the contents. The company sets a strict standard for moisture content of the grain to ensure the quality of the product.

5023 Miseshi Road
+260 212 217162
Breakfast and Roller Meal are packed in 5,10, 25kg bags
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Jamas Milling Company Ltd
Jamas Milling Company Ltd
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Jamas Milling Company was incorporated in 1965 as a wholly owned Zambian company focused on mealie meal production with products such as breakfast and roller meal. The company provides competitively priced mealie meal to the staff of the copper mines formerly owned by ZCCM and also to the general public. Jamas Milling sources its maize from local farmers and traders in Zambia. They also produce animal feed for chickens, cattle, rabbits and horses.
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