Moringa pet food supplement

The Moringa pet food supplement is packed with protein, minerals, vitamins and is a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. If your older dogs are struggling with joint pain, try Moringa pet food supplement and see what a difference it will make! Start with just a light sprinkling over their food and work up to the recommended dosage amount and you should see a difference within a few weeks!

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Moringa pet food supplement
Moringa Initiative Ltd
Moringa Initiative Ltd
Natural health
Vitamins, supplements and nutrition
Established in 2013, Moringa Initiative is located at Westgate Farm in Chisamba about 100km north of Lusaka. This company grows and manufactures its own Moringa Oleifera for a variety of products such as Moringa Miracle Capsules, Moringa Miracle Tea and Moringa Leaf Powder. It aims to supply Zambia with Moringa supplements in an effort to help build a healthier nation. Moringa products are sold in many shops and pharmacies in Zambia. Search #moringamoments on social media platforms to find out the latest news and offers.
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