Pep up your bedroom, living room or kitchen

Visit Africa Blue Company for a full range of bed linen, cushions, duvets, bed covers, pillow cases, throws and table cloths. The company is dedicated to offering its clients the best in quality and style. Their team draws inspiration from nature, art, the latest trends and an understanding of different styles and tastes.

Synonymous with innovative and quality products, Africa Blue Company has cemented its status as a leader in the furniture and furnishings market. The company prides itself on a commitment to quality, with all products manufactured within the highest standard. Believing that customers deserve the best the world has to offer, this company strives to be there to fill this need.

Blue Hills, Leopard's Hill Road, Lusaka
+260 971 460482
Pep up your bedroom, living room or kitchen
Africa Blue Company
Africa Blue Company
Clothing and Accessories
Furniture and Furnishings
With a highly skilled team of designers and tailors, Africa Blue Company offers a wide selection of high quality dresses, scarfs, bed linen, duvets, bed covers, pillow cases, throws, table cloths, cushions and more. The company only uses the finest fabrics and products are made from 100% cashmere, cotton, linen and silk. Whether you are looking for timeless elegance, contemporary chic or the ultimate in luxury, Africa Blue Company has you covered. All pieces offered by Africa Blue Company are made with love and custom designs are also done.
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