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Efficient and timely freight management services

Accommodating virtually any type of freight, you can count on Lechwe Express Logistics for a fast and reliable cargo service. The company also offers warehousing in bonded and general warehouses.

Lechwe Express Logistics uses worldwide and regional freight tracking systems in order to facilitate its corporate and individual clients in tracking their freight movement.

37061 Mwembeshi Road, Chinika Area
+260 979 660074
Efficient and timely freight management services
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Lechwe Express Logistics
Lechwe Express Logistics
Postal and Courier
Freight and forwarding
Lechwe Express Logistics is a leading courier and logistics company in Zambia with a large distribution network. 'Logistics means there is no ocean too wide, no road too long, no sky too vast.' The company lives this by managing the flow of goods locally and internationally, offering a service to most parts of the country and beyond. The team is continuously innovating and creating customised solutions to meet customer requirements and keeping up with local and international market trends.
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