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Choose ceilings that give you better health

Higher ceilings provide better air circulation and, when paired with large windows, can provide more natural light. Both prevent spaces from feeling “stuffy” and can benefit the physical and emotional health of an individual.

Make your health your priority by installing a high ceiling.

OTK provides high quality ceiling solutions that bring an excellent ambiance to your home.

Visit their showroom in Makeni on Chipwenupwenu Road, behind Cosmopolitan Mall. You can also call or send them and email - details below

+260 972 000008, +260 211 274847, +260 211 274848, +260 211 274849
Choose ceilings that give you better health
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OTK Ceiling Solutions
OTK Ceiling Solutions
Building materials
Interiors and Design services
A company specialized in the manufacture and installation of contemporary and stylish ceiling, partitioning and integrated lighting systems, as well as accessories. OTK Ceiling Solutions takes pride in having one of the first comprehensive line-ups of light steel construction products across Zambia. The company's profiles are of high standard, humidity resistant, heavy zinc coated and durable. OTK manufactures its state-of-the-art channels locally using cold roll steel and light steel frames for ceilings and partitioning.
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